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Guide to using this site.

  • This site is designed as a guide to British Sign Language and not an authoritative reference. Signs vary by region as well as country; the signs reproduced on this site may vary to those used in local areas.
  • Some signs have a blank frame inserted. This is because this sign should only be signed once. For example different involves one movement - it should not be repeated continuously.
  • Generally whenever you sign a word you should also mouth or speak the word you are signing. There are a few exceptions but if in doubt it is advisable to mouth the word. Lip reading is a vital part of communication with the deaf. This is especially important as some words share the same sign for example green and slow
  • The way in which sentences are constructed is different to spoken English. You cannot use BSL as a word-for-word replacement for English. See the phrases section for examples of how the grammar varies in BSL.