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We are very pleased to announce the issue of version 5.02 of our Guide as from April 2013.

This update has improved the graphics and enhanced the quiz option and, as the earlier version, has been improved following input from our customers and teaching professionals and offers over 1500 words, 40 useful phrases and an interactive quiz that covers 13 topics, including 'pot luck' to test your ability to receive sign.

The signs are demonstrated by very experienced users, and teachers, of British Sign Language, by moving pictures that clearly show the method of signing, plus a detailed description. Examples are given on this website, although the graphics have been reduced in size to reduce download time.

The number of words on this website is less than one third of those available on our Guide, which, we consider, offers the best value for content.

Where applicable related words are mentioned or when one sign has various uses.

This version of our Guide is specifically designed to teach the basics of signing and will be a valuable resource for level 1 & 2 courses.

The number of word groups has been increased to 23 and, in addition to those given below, covers legal, medical and education.

To browse by wordgroups see this page, links to the side provide alternative navigation methods. We also have a new wordsearch facility, to use it, simply enter the word you are looking for, hit the "Search" button, and you will be taken straight there!

Please note

As mentioned above the images on this website have been reduced in size to decrease download time. Larger images, as well as additional features, are available in our Guide.

USB and Download options

After the successful introduction of the USB version of the Guide we have launched a downloadable version. This will allow any computer (excluding Apple Macs) without a CD/DVD optical drive to loaded with a complete version of 5.02 of our Guide. The USB option also provides approximately 200Mb for storage of other material.

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